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People work for leaders they trust. Customers buy from brands they can trust. So, what builds trust today? In a word, purpose.

A purposeful leader translates his or her values, ethics, and societal responsibility into behaviors and actions. Leadership comes from within – so it’s imperative that you understand your values to develop as a leader. To lead, you must first know that you can lead. Don’t wait for others to tell you so.

Being a leader has a huge number of moving parts, and you must continually learn to lead. In fact, there’s no end to learning as a leader. You’re only as good as your next game.

Purposeful leaders never rest on their laurels. They continue to learn, and by doing so they leverage their leadership to take their business and their people to the next level, driven by a common set of values.

Some entrepreneurs never understand their purpose. As a leader, I feel that I have a responsibility to share wisdom to teach and coach. The starting point is to help you create your purpose. Dig deep into yourself and learn your values, and translate those values into your purpose – a purpose that empowers you to level up.

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