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CEO Marjorie Perry

With a refreshing no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is approach, Marjorie (named as one of New Jersey’s top 25 entrepreneurs) is the guiding hand that entrepreneurs need to level up and then maintain their professional and personal growth by building opportunity and motivating action with purposeful leadership.

As a public speaker, Marjorie entertains and inspires, sharing her knowledge and sprinkling her presentation with stories of personal experiences to deliver an absorbing event to all audiences.

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Marjorie Perry TEDx Speaker at NJIT

Inspirational Speaker

level up yourself and your business

I really believe that anyone can achieve what they want to achieve, providing they have the right mindset. You only need look at me. I’m a female leading a big business in a male-dominated industry. I’m a person of color in an industry in which most executives and CEOs are white. If you’ve got the cajones for business, you can make it in business. Period.

We all need a little help to reach our full potential. Coaching and mentoring from a seasoned entrepreneur – a guiding hand to help navigate to your full potential. I help entrepreneurs develop the technical and leadership skills they need to inspire confidence and motivate the business growth that will see them attain maximum success.

Be Your Best Self

Are you ready to take your entrepreneurship to the next level? Have you got what it takes to reach your true potential? Learn how to identify and leverage new opportunities, develop and maintain a stronger network, lead with purpose, and level up to continually build on what you create.

Level Yourself Up Now

6 Steps to Generate a Business Idea That You're Passionate About

You’re passionate about starting your own business, but you need workable business ideas. Here are six steps to generate them in a few minutes.

How to overcome entrepreneurial challenges when you start up a new business

As a first-time entrepreneur, you’ll face many challenges when you open a business. We’ve distilled these into the top seven, with tips on how to overcome them.

Post COVID: What Challenges Lie Ahead for New Entrepreneurs?

As we exit COVID, the new normal will create new opportunities and challenges for entrepreneurs. What are these and how do you overcome them?

Find New Opportunities

SBA Finance and more - how can you fund your startup?

You’ve got a great idea for a business, but you don’t have the cash to fund it. You could tap up your friends and family. Or you might apply for a small business loan. Then again, SBA finance includes a range of loans and grants. What are the pros and cons of the common startup financing options – and which should you avoid at all costs?

7 challenges entrepreneurs face when starting a business in the new normal

You want to start a business in the new normal economy. What challenges will you face as a beginner entrepreneur?

Learn From My Experience

Six Steps to Starting a Recession Proof Business

You’re thinking of starting a business, but everyone you know says you’re mad. Who on earth starts a business in a recession? Actually, if you approach it in a structured way, there’s no reason why you can’t be successful in all economic climates. In fact, it could be the best move you ever made.

Is the Pandemic a Good Time To Start Your Business? Market Signals Yes

You’re getting ready to start a business post COVID-19, but you’re worried. Learn why this crisis could provide some of the best opportunities for new entrepreneurs.

Lead With Purpose

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